Classic clutch bag with flap

Classic clutch bag with flap

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A classic, simple clutch bag with a double flap.  The perfect little friend for all occasions. It will go with you at week-ends, on shopping expeditions or on evenings out, either for relaxing with friends or for a fashionable soirée. Thanks to its threefold function it can also serve as a makeup bag.

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Composition: 100% genuine python skin, lined with cotton-flock.

Features: A double flap is attached to the bag by means of an invisible magnet. Inside the bag, a central pouch is provided to protect your more fragile articles.

Manufacture: 100% hand-made from full skins with no joining seams.



Clutch bags have evolved from an accessory originally dedicated exclusively to cocktail-party type evening wear towards an everyday dress-item. Women increasingly dare to carry them with casual wear: jeans, a pullover, a smart pair of sneakers and a flashy (electric blue or golden) python-skin clutch bag from Little Python Bag. Deeper-toned, natural-appearing versions will go with a pretty cocktail dress while a black bag will always be faultless for a classic reception.