The Little Python Bracelet

The Little Python Bracelet

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The LPB bracelet is a perfect combination of simplicity and originality. Actually a wide bracelet, the long narrow horizontal gouges cut in the body of the bracelet gives the impression of several bracelets being worn together. This optical illusion gives your wrist and your overall appearance an airy, dynamic look.


Size: single size but adjustable to fit your wrist. 4 cm wide and 20 cm long.

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Composition: the bracelet is made out of 100% skins. The visible outer part is made of genuine python skin. The lining which serves to reinforce the structure of the bracelet is made out of goatskin.

Features: The bracelet has two horizontally-placed press studs for adjustment to two different sizes.

Manufacture: The bracelet is entirely hand-made from full skins.

Trends: inspired by the leather wristbands initially worn predominantly by men, this LPB bracelet is also a close-fitting bracelet made from animal skins. It brings a touch of freshness and originality to women’s dress, with an added rebel side to it. Another interesting feature of this bracelet is that the various horizontal cuts deliberately refer to the fashion for mixing several slim bracelets to form a whole collection of bracelets on the wrist.