The Bijou

The Bijou

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This unusual bag is a real gem. Its creative shape with various corners reminds one of the facets of a diamond. Even the metal fastener evokes the notion of precious stones.


Sensational but convenient, the Bijou bag will set off your clothes better than any diamond could.


Color : Naturel

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Composition: entirely made from python leather, both the outside of the bag and the inside of the front flap. Lined with cotton-flock. The strap is made of metal intertwined with a strip of python skin.

Features: Opens from the front by means of the circular metal fastener. A compact bag beneath the flap, with no additional zip fastening. A central pouch is still provided for greater convenience. Carried on the shoulder by means of the metal and python leather strap.

Manufacture: meticulously hand-made.

Trend: We find here the same trend towards highly unusual shapes as, for example, with the Little Python Bag model. The shape created by our brand can never be found under any other brand-name, a fact which gives increased value to this uniquely designed bag, hand-made from the rare, precious material of python leather. Do you want to stand out from the others? If so, you should opt for this exceptional Bijou bag.